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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The girl with the dragon tattoo

Read an awesome crime book after a very long time! Love the way it has been written.
It brings out a number of things right from disregard of women in Sweden, to journalists solving crimes interwoven with facts from the author's own life.
I really like the way he manages to bring out concurrent incidents in time through a book
There is a poignant moment where Lisbeth is being raped by her guardian and at the same time Mikael is making love to Cecilia. The amount of emotion and detail Stieg captures in two tiny paragraphs just blows you away. On one side you are feeling the pain and suffering that Lisbeth is going through and on the other side you want to relish the pure pleasure of devouring Cecilia or well Mikael and you are not able to do either.
But the end is somehow very carelessly captured, the author seems to have suddenly lost interest in the fag end or maybe that's just my perception.

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