Tuesday, September 8, 2015

And what do I like?

The reason to list it down is more to see if I truly have a character of my own. I am not sure today if I have strong likes and dislikes like I used to once. So without much ado let me jump straight in --
1) I like walking and I really miss cycling
2) My love for swimming will never ebb, cant say the same about drinking
3) My craving for sugar is slowly dropping
4) The rain still casts a spell on me
5) I love reading books
6) Leaves, insects, flowers and forests
7) Creating stuff - be it poetry, food or writing code, no order there
8) Travelling, I really want to do the Nile cruise
9) A good massage
10) Listening to music


Here's to a lazy afternoon drenched in wine.
For which the heart will forever pine.
Moments that will never come again.
Lost in life's struggles.

We are meant for sharing precious pain
Joy is but light and shallow seeping out of windows and doors
This is how it remains to be
Till life comes to a slow halt.

Dreamer, you must lose your patience
One of these days, you will find
You were better off without all that sleep
The emptiness never did go away.