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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Started with an affair, the death of mankind!

Nothing like an affair to brighten things up, to pump that extra chunk of confidence into you. I can see that in so many people around me. Live a few years with someone, even the best of them seem to tire out. Another few years and we will retire this consitution of marriage. I know our children will.

Looking back, being poly whatever in nature why did we choose this binding? To take care of our progeny ofcourse. To have a lineage and transfer power only to our own blood.Then why did we do away with harems, more the merrier after all. Oh well money became an issue, finally!Women's rights popped up somewhere, then came the alpha woman herself...

Slowly no one wants kids. They are fine growing humongously in their careers and finding new pleasures to stimulate their minds. Soon we will find ways to recreate the mind and body; the robotic world is threatning to seep in, if not already. The virtual world of social networking, blogging to share thoughts with larger audiences, shopping through surf boards on the net, we will slowly lose the need of a physical world of friends and family. There will gadgets to give us that extreme pleasure of those once in a while sexual urges if we still have them, though I doubt it. Somehow I can't help but think that we are heading to an asexual sterile world of make believe. Make believe as in virtuality you say, yes that is what I meant and therein lies the key to either head towards extinction of WoManKind or wake up from that nth level dream of Inception!

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