Friday, February 11, 2011


Turned the radio to 100.1 to let in some awesome Carnatic music to fill the car while I zipped out of home. The first thing that caught my eye was these 2 really old women walking across and chatting so animatedly.They were bengali for sure thanks to the expressions and the saris draped around them. Just that moment I wanted my camera so bad. And then I drove on smiling at the usual traffic policeman.

And then on the route somewhere I saw this woman standing in her balcony wearing hell I don't
remember but could have been a nightie for all I care. The interesting thing though was she had
her goggles on and her hair left open and she did not look as if she was going anywhere. For a
moment I was disgusted, what a phony! But then I relented, that is what her life might just be
about. And it was allright to dress up and wait for nothing at all, all day long!

on a note that knows no dip

when i am just a little high
and i am listening to Oh sweet me

there is this beautiful sweet pine
for a voice that doesn't exist
but in my mind and somewhere deep in my heart
which would just for a moment blur the sign

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something about the lives of security guys

I drove right through the kuccha road and into the back yard of my client's office or so to speak. I have tried and tested this route to enter the place without having to go through too many painful security checks for an hour's meeting. But today as I settled myself a young security guy, an East Indian for sure, accosted me. Told him to come to the other side of the window and talk to me. He was like I really needed to get in  from the main gate. I laughed and told him not to take it seriously and anyways I was not going to be there for more than an hour. He tried hard to convince me, told me he would be in trouble if I didn't go and register. I told him to chill and nothing would happen. Poor guy left, he was too well mannered to shout at me.
And then I thought to myself, here I was coming in the way of someone's honest efforts at work. Its a thankless job you know, a security guy comes out as a pain to deal with, trying to push you to follow a process. But that's his job really.
So I did my bit and felt so good watching him smile when I turned around and went to the main gate!

Monday, February 7, 2011

When I went to meet the sea

When I went to meet the sea
He caroused me gently
Teased me, lifting my skirt up suddenly

And while I was enjoying the moment
He roughly pulled me onto him
And hurt me with his sandy skin

When I tried to stop him
A spoilt brat, he tossed me out
Back to where I came from
As if to say there are many more that will come my way
And I knew they would and so they did

But I know had my moment of love
Unshared with anyone else
The sea, he flaunted some of his many treasures
A beautiful monstrous sea snake, a dead multicoloured fish that reminded me of a piranha

Skins of other beings and a variety of mussels and crabs scuttling about in the sand
And while I stood mesmerised
An old women prayed with fire and coconut shells
To that haughty love of mine

I smiled to myself, and folded a page in my head
I would open it again when I have much aged
To reminisce this salty divine.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

And this is how I blew the colors of the sky away on a Monday!

There I was stuck in a jam for an entire stretch, early on a Monday morning right upto the last traffic signal. The fact that I was blue, that my arms ached thanks to balancing a machine I hadn't since a long time back did not help. And I was worried sick lest I be accosted by one of the eunuchs standing in line to rip a passer's bye off her money... And then suddenly everything just came alive with Lenny Kravitz. I raised the volume to my favorite song and saw this little kid going to work in a light blue t-shirt that had Playboy marked on it. With a green bag in one hand and a yellow and pick wristband on the other, he was dancing his way to work with his mum or aunt heading the same way. Somehow got my mood swinging and I raised the volume to "Are you gonna go my way"! And then right from the opposite side came my favorite silver Merc spinning out some more sunshine into my day. The lights turned green and I was all charged up to push the blue and color my blood back to red ignoring what Nike had to say!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dhobi ghat

Brilliant movie. Ended so well, without an ending and yet a bleak light to where it would lead!
So many different lives, so many ways people try their hand at living, so many ways to escape grief.
Smita Patil's son looks so much like her! He does get his expressions right, looking forward to seeing more of his work. Liked the way the artist's persona was approached, dried and cut, nothing fancy in the way he carried himself, just another human being.... The famed Dhobi ghats, rodent killing, a whiff of Sidhant Dhanvant Sanghvi there.
Life in Mumbai is so damn mechanical, wouldn't ever want to live there. A holiday maybe. Oh and beautiful rain cascading down to add to the sea and its secrets divine.
Oh and I could do with some more wine....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The girl with the dragon tattoo

Read an awesome crime book after a very long time! Love the way it has been written.
It brings out a number of things right from disregard of women in Sweden, to journalists solving crimes interwoven with facts from the author's own life.
I really like the way he manages to bring out concurrent incidents in time through a book
There is a poignant moment where Lisbeth is being raped by her guardian and at the same time Mikael is making love to Cecilia. The amount of emotion and detail Stieg captures in two tiny paragraphs just blows you away. On one side you are feeling the pain and suffering that Lisbeth is going through and on the other side you want to relish the pure pleasure of devouring Cecilia or well Mikael and you are not able to do either.
But the end is somehow very carelessly captured, the author seems to have suddenly lost interest in the fag end or maybe that's just my perception.