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Friday, February 11, 2011


Turned the radio to 100.1 to let in some awesome Carnatic music to fill the car while I zipped out of home. The first thing that caught my eye was these 2 really old women walking across and chatting so animatedly.They were bengali for sure thanks to the expressions and the saris draped around them. Just that moment I wanted my camera so bad. And then I drove on smiling at the usual traffic policeman.

And then on the route somewhere I saw this woman standing in her balcony wearing hell I don't
remember but could have been a nightie for all I care. The interesting thing though was she had
her goggles on and her hair left open and she did not look as if she was going anywhere. For a
moment I was disgusted, what a phony! But then I relented, that is what her life might just be
about. And it was allright to dress up and wait for nothing at all, all day long!

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