Friday, March 9, 2012


Drop of rain to soothe the plain
A touch of feather on the leather
A tinkle to a twinkle
A bag of gold spun out of a dream hold
And a  wish just right for that dish!


Like right now I want some absolutely delicious chocolate fudge and I have nothing in the fridge except a shrivelled up Obattu, chocolate and caramel syrup!! Ok I am going to eat up the Obattu now, but the mind is still not satiated... would a chilled beer take the heat of this blasted weather and maybe numb the need for sugar?
I don't know I got to keep trying they say..

The other day I was gasping for breath in that isolated box where I work. I was craving for just fresh clean air, some good company and yes some very good food. Oh and speaking about food, nothing like a craving for Richie's lamb biryani!!Yummmy...

There are times one can't help but crave for the rain. You can smell the bacteria in the earth and the air getting stuffy and squeezing out a just a little bit of the rain to satiate you.