Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And I could have been more aware of the world I was born into

I envy the life of prostitute more than anyone else's. Atleast she knows what she is getting into.
It starts right from religions that preach, do it right or God will screw your happiness by throwing you into hell. Go into any group and you better kiss the leader's or his lieutenant's arse or you will get humped really bad!

You know you really can't live on this earth as an individual contributor having nothing to do with the social hierarchy that has been built by the animal group that you genetically if not anything else, belong to. You have to subscribe somewhere and you have to choose a role. You can either be the leader or you can choose to bend your backside. And even if you choose to be the leader, to get to the top there is lot of bending to be done.

So who do you think is better off, you and me who are not aware until we give in the first and the nth time or the whore in Charlotte street who chose to be there?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Black and White must merge and break

I just watched Black Swan yesterday a much hyped better than average movie. I just could not get the point, blame it on restricted intelligence. Anways here I am trying to prove my case and not detract from it.
A girl wanting to do extremely well in her exams to the point of committing suicide or paying for leaked papers. Or a very good actor with no contacts ready to jump into the director's bed. Yes the pain, the struggle to want something so bad is quite a story. How many of us go through that absolute madness and finally lose ourselves. With that understood, the story needs some spice, after all ballet is not everyone's idea of a raunchy sight. Bring in Dr. Freud, a single possessive mother and lo behold frigidity is explained through the lesbian world. And nothing better to fantasize with something that you are comfortable with to break the spell and turn yourself to the knight! Pun intended. And while we are redoing one of the greatest pieces of work "Swan lake" how can we resist a slip of drama that only red can break, into the dawn!
Now that I am saturated with insulting the movie, I do think Portman deserves the best actor award. She has done a fabulous job. Also the picturization if I may call it that, is exquisite, right from the wing like folds of the old instructor's skin, to the arousing tattoo on Lily's, to the ugly wings that sprout out of Nina. All said and done perfection is not a walk in the park, even with your tutu on.