Monday, May 28, 2012

Get Creative

The wire is alive
Sending all those packets
The receiver overwhelmed, has a security in place
Even when its alien, its human forms they take.

Dead or Alive

Have you felt this way before
All the music seems tuneless
All the drink does not get you drunk
You are just walking aimless
With no earthly feelings left

A day from my every day

Wake up in the morning
Sing a little song
While you make our breakfast
I just hum along.

There's a puncture to fix
and a deadline to meet
If only the spare was fine
Instead of your car, I would have taken mine.

Its time for tea
A chat between you and me
Your sweet smell in the rain
Amidst all that is insane

A drink before we sleep
A movie or an episode of Mentalist
A note about tomorrow
Or just curl up to be out in a blip.