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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something about the lives of security guys

I drove right through the kuccha road and into the back yard of my client's office or so to speak. I have tried and tested this route to enter the place without having to go through too many painful security checks for an hour's meeting. But today as I settled myself a young security guy, an East Indian for sure, accosted me. Told him to come to the other side of the window and talk to me. He was like I really needed to get in  from the main gate. I laughed and told him not to take it seriously and anyways I was not going to be there for more than an hour. He tried hard to convince me, told me he would be in trouble if I didn't go and register. I told him to chill and nothing would happen. Poor guy left, he was too well mannered to shout at me.
And then I thought to myself, here I was coming in the way of someone's honest efforts at work. Its a thankless job you know, a security guy comes out as a pain to deal with, trying to push you to follow a process. But that's his job really.
So I did my bit and felt so good watching him smile when I turned around and went to the main gate!

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