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Monday, February 7, 2011

When I went to meet the sea

When I went to meet the sea
He caroused me gently
Teased me, lifting my skirt up suddenly

And while I was enjoying the moment
He roughly pulled me onto him
And hurt me with his sandy skin

When I tried to stop him
A spoilt brat, he tossed me out
Back to where I came from
As if to say there are many more that will come my way
And I knew they would and so they did

But I know had my moment of love
Unshared with anyone else
The sea, he flaunted some of his many treasures
A beautiful monstrous sea snake, a dead multicoloured fish that reminded me of a piranha

Skins of other beings and a variety of mussels and crabs scuttling about in the sand
And while I stood mesmerised
An old women prayed with fire and coconut shells
To that haughty love of mine

I smiled to myself, and folded a page in my head
I would open it again when I have much aged
To reminisce this salty divine.

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