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Sunday, February 6, 2011

And this is how I blew the colors of the sky away on a Monday!

There I was stuck in a jam for an entire stretch, early on a Monday morning right upto the last traffic signal. The fact that I was blue, that my arms ached thanks to balancing a machine I hadn't since a long time back did not help. And I was worried sick lest I be accosted by one of the eunuchs standing in line to rip a passer's bye off her money... And then suddenly everything just came alive with Lenny Kravitz. I raised the volume to my favorite song and saw this little kid going to work in a light blue t-shirt that had Playboy marked on it. With a green bag in one hand and a yellow and pick wristband on the other, he was dancing his way to work with his mum or aunt heading the same way. Somehow got my mood swinging and I raised the volume to "Are you gonna go my way"! And then right from the opposite side came my favorite silver Merc spinning out some more sunshine into my day. The lights turned green and I was all charged up to push the blue and color my blood back to red ignoring what Nike had to say!

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