Friday, December 6, 2013


I don't know if I would hate it if I had to bear with severe winters every year of my life. I mean the West had to conjure a cheerful Santa and use up all the white, green and red. But today when I get a glimpse of its severity when I travel once in a while and at home where I get pampered by its moderation..I can't help but romanticize it. The nip in the air, the fog at dawn and the other at dusk, the many reasons to celebrate, the right setting for a nightcap, all of it makes winter especially in December  the most favorite part of the year. Among the thousand reasons.. my beloved's b'day, b'days of other friends - mostly his, my parent's wedding anniversary, Christmas parties and numerous others without a specific reason.

Winter bites, makes me feel alive even in my most dead moment. Have lost myself in the snow one winter, so much so that another round of losing myself I would have died of frost bite or something... but the adventure it gave me, the chill through my spine was all worth it... The numbing, the moment just before the point of no return, hmm is quite a high!

It brings out the vagabond in me, not that I am not otherwise, but I understand why the Saggis seem to be born with wanderlust... give me my day and I would be walking the streets of my city from dawn to dusk, finding unknowns, chatting up strangers, reading withered old forgotten books, downing Suleimanis,beer and wine, stuffing my face with chocolate, cuddling up with my man, pampering my boy, rustling up gourmet every night .. well almost :-)

And then the year end and start bit.. one night of super madness, promises, dancing....
Lets see how this year ends. For now though let me have my moment, with Mr Winter

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