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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And I could have been more aware of the world I was born into

I envy the life of prostitute more than anyone else's. Atleast she knows what she is getting into.
It starts right from religions that preach, do it right or God will screw your happiness by throwing you into hell. Go into any group and you better kiss the leader's or his lieutenant's arse or you will get humped really bad!

You know you really can't live on this earth as an individual contributor having nothing to do with the social hierarchy that has been built by the animal group that you genetically if not anything else, belong to. You have to subscribe somewhere and you have to choose a role. You can either be the leader or you can choose to bend your backside. And even if you choose to be the leader, to get to the top there is lot of bending to be done.

So who do you think is better off, you and me who are not aware until we give in the first and the nth time or the whore in Charlotte street who chose to be there?

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